• Instant Breast Lift
  • Instant Breast Lift
  • Instant Breast Lift

Bare Lifts (10 Pack)

$14.95 $9.95


Bra lift is an invisible tape for instant breast lift that enhances cleavage, and creates a better body shape for women. This is used as a simple solution for lifting breasts without any painful surgery.

It bears to say that bare lift tape is comfortable, secure, and easy to use – you just need to place, peel, and lift, then you’re ready to go!

This is also best suits for backless, strapless or any formal cocktail evening dress, as well as swimming suits!

Tape prints can be of different type depending on the availability of stocks.


  • Skin Friendly (Latex Free);
  • Waterproof; and
  • Fits: A,B,C,D Cups Only


  • Lifts tape size: 13cm x 8.3cm.
  • Package: 5 pairs (10 lifts) in a sealed bag without retail box.
  • Brand new; product code bs003.


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